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About Townlogs

What is Townlogs?

Townlogs is Social Analysis platform for Technology, Entertainment, Business, and Breaking news. You can search, analyze, and read structured social analysis result from credible sources on Internet. If you are a registered user, you can create blog posts while integrating dynamic content from social networks.

We funnel and collaborate content from multiple sources like social networks, news sources, blogs, & YouTube. This gives new dimension and a different perspective to content. Hence generating curiosity and surprise towards the topics that you are analyzing.

Look out for   icon along news content for Social Funneling. Click on it and have fun!

In addition, you can submit local information related to Buy & Sell, Rental, Events, Real Estate, and Jobs. Best of all you can publish your article to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ so that your social circle can spread the word around.

What can you do with Townlogs?

Read News from high quality sources!
I am a news freak, and visit many websites multiple times a day. Townlogs lets me read headlines from top news websites on one page and hence saving me time while still browsing quality news from best websites.

Interesting news categorization!
We are deciding on which movie to watch today evening. Instead of visiting multiple movie websites, I visit Townlogs Movie Review section for reading movie reviews from renowned reviewers on one page. Townlogs also lets me view live public reviews from Twitter.
Your News! Start the conversation.
I always wanted to publish my local news which was either not covered by media or is so new that I am one of the first people to know. I use Townlogs to publish news as Citizen Journalist.

Local Information!
I use Townlogs to find new apartment, sell my stuff, find jobs and roommates in my city.
Whats so special about us?

We are simple, fast, and to the point.

Contact: say@townlogs.com